HOW TO DO 'COVERED SNAPS' - size n/no.10 (21mm

  1. Make a circle of fabric that is twice the width of the snap
  2. Sew a gathering thread around the edges of the fabric, like making a YoYo Round.
    [authors note: Most Quilters are familiar with the term, YoYo or, yoyo round]
  3. Set one side of the snap in the center of the fabric with the "business end of the snap" facing the wrong side of the fabric.
  4. Pull the fabric snugly around the snap.
  5. Do the same for the attaching side of the snap.
  6. For the male side of the snap, cut tiny cross cuts over the nipple of the snap, and push the fabric down around the nipple.
  7. For the female side of the snap, do not cut the fabric, just press the snap together after it had been fastened to the bag, to close the snap. [This action will push the fabric into the inside of the female side]
  8. If you find that the fabric comes loose at the centers apply a drop of 'Frey-Check' and allow to dry before closing, or connecting the snap sides.
  9. Place snaps inside of bag, centered on binding. If you find that the snap does not stay secured when you lift the bag, add 2 more snaps, spaced equal distances from the center snap.
  10. You may find that the decorative cording with buttons (see instructions below) will be the most secure method for keeping your bag closed.


Closure for Country Bag Closure for Wine Country Bag
Closure for Country Bag Closure for Wine Country Bag
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  1. Cut 3 pieces of 6 inch long gold round elastic cord.
  2. Wrap one end with metallic gold thread. [Sulky metallic gold thread works very well for this.]
  3. Braid within 1/2 inch of the end of the cord. Tie off with multiple wraps of metallic gold thread.
  4. Loop the ends together and wrap with metallic gold thread.
  5. Place the braided cord loop up at the center outside of the binding, centering it over the center sashing.
  6. Piercing the gold metallic elastic, sew with the metallic gold thread so that it secures the loop to allow you to pull very firmly without loosening the attachment. This takes numerous passes through the elastic with the gold thread. [Again, the Sulky metallic gold threat works very well for this.]
  7. Secure a complimentary button - one to go with the motif of the bag over the ends of the loop. The button needs to be large enough to cover the raw ends of the loop.
    Buttons should be 7/8 inch wide or wider.
  8. Secure the second button on the opposite side of the bag, centering it over the center sashing, and in the middle of the binding.
Note: This is when you will find that there is too much slack between the button and the edge of the gold braiding. Now you need the beads.
  1. Secure a bead into the far end of the loop, sewing it in place with the metallic gold thread. Sew through the bead at least 4 or 5 times. Then wind the gold thread around the elastic snugging the elastic braid against the bead. [Beads should be at least 7-8 millimeters wide, wider if you wish. You will need a beading needle to accomplish this task.]
Note: You may choose to add an extra decorative bead, such as a bead that looks like a leaf or a bunch of grapes, to top off the decorative look. This serves two purposes, it is decorative, and catches people's attention, and it gives the bag owner something to grasp to pull the elastic over the button, also defining which button is the secure button and which button is the one around which the elastic is pulled.