Corrections for pattern edition 030203-(your pattern number):
And here I thought we had made an error free pattern!  These are not errors that will mess your bag up; they will just confuse you a bit.  I apologize for the inconvenience they may have caused, and I apologize for the delay, here it is May.  I just discovered the errors while teaching a class during the last weekend of April.

Page 7, step 8.  Paragraph 1, Measurements Medium should read 9 ½ x 25 ¾ inches.

Paragraph 5, the dimension after quilting the bag, the front will probably measure between 23 ¾ inches and 25 ¾ inches.  It depends on the amount of quilting you do.  – Same with paragraph 6. 

Just make sure that the bottom piece for the bag is the same width as the front/back measurements after stippling/quilting. The ends should be the same size and the side panel measurements, again after stippling/quilting.

Page 12, the first paragraph should really be the second paragraph.  Sew across the top of the pocket panel, one quarter of an inch after inserting the timtext into the document pocket panel.

Page 12, the Pocket section – This is about patch pockets.  Patch pockets are the same kind of pocket you would put on shirts, or a bathrobe. 

Panel pockets are described on page 13, step 9B.  This is specific to side panels, but can also be utilized for front/back pockets instead of patch pockets for the front and back.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Love & Stitches, Justine Foster
Love & Stitches Designs