Love & Stitches Designs, Bag Lady (or Gents) Carrying Bag Pattern & DVD will show you how to develop three different sizes of wonderful tote bags. Small, Medium or Giant size, no matter what type of carrying bag you need, the Love & Stitches Designs, Bag Lady (or Gents) Carrying Bag Pattern & DVD will carry your day. This pattern is suggested for the intermediate as well as the advanced sewer.

Marilyn and Marilyn II Carrying Bag PatternLove & Stitches Designs Marilyn & Marilyn II pattern is for designing the evening bag of your dreams. Use this carrying bag pattern to match that outfit that you have designed. Your Love & Stitches Designs' Marilyn or Marilyn II can be made with a corded handle, a chain handle, or used as a clutch bag. It can be made with, or without a zipper. Putting in the zipper is for the advanced sewer, making the bag with a snap or button sewer is for the intermediate as well as advanced sewer.

Use pieced blocks to design your carrying bags

Pieced Blocks

or embroidery


or blocks of the fabulous fabrics available to us through our wonderful quilt shops, on line or through one of the many fabric catalogs.Fabric Designs Fabric Designs

Love & Stitches Designs carrying bag & DVD patterns are designed in such a way that you will have a bag that will have body, and stand up, rather than flop down like so many other fabric carrying bags. It's all in the instructions.

Deluxe Lining
Deluxe Bag Lining for all your needs!
The linings of these bags are also works of art. Detailed instructions on how to design your Deluxe Bag Lining are now included with the pattern. Make pockets for all your needs, cell phone, eye glasses, pens, palm pilots, address books... you name it, you can make a pocket for it. Including the exclusive document pocket design, and the exclusive bag bottom support pocket. Your Love & Stitches Designs Bag Lady (or Gents) Carrying Bag will be an indispensable part of your daily activities