Bag Lady Carrying Bag Class Materials List For DVD


Love & Stitches Designs Bag Lady (or Gent's)
Carrying Bag Pattern & Instructional DVD


Cutting mat & rulers (bring the longest one you have, and if you have it, the square ruler that will easily measure out your size block.)


Rotary Cutter


Sewing Machine


Fabric scissors


Snipping” scissors


White thread & bobbins or gray thread & bobbins or thread to match your fabric with bobbins (wind in advance)


Monofilament thread and bobbins for quilting *Be sure to wind bobbins in advance.


Felt. Enough for handles that are 2 layers of 33 inches x 1 3/4 inches.  


Safety pins for pinning to batting/backing for machine quilting and/or quilter's adhesive spray.


Fabric for side and bottom panels, & strips for setting the blocks, See pages 3 & 4 of The Bag Lady (or Gents) Carring Bag Pattern for fabric amounts


Muslin for backing - same amount as lining & batting


Interfacing gives body to the bag - I recommend the heaviest iron-on interfacing you can find, or two layers of lighter weight interfacing. Pelon Décor Bond(TM) iron-on interfacing is perfect.


Batting - I recommend 8 Oz. batting - to give good body to the bag


If you wish to use blocks for the ends of the bag, you will  need 12 blocks, If you intend to use a fabric panel for the ends, you will only need 8 blocks, plus the blocks for the pockets - if using blocks for pockets.


8 or 12 blocks - either pieced or theme fabric or embroidered.
Small bag - 6 1/2 " unfinished blocks - (6 " finished)] (or fabric that is  equivalent)
Medium sized bag - 9 1/2 " unfinished blocks - (9 " finished)] (of fabric that is equivalent)
Giant sized - 12 1/2 " unfinished blocks (12 inch finished) blocks for (or fabric that is equivalent) –
Embroidered blocks must be embroidered prior to starting the creation of the bag(s).


Plus at least one extra block for the inside pocket, or extra theme fabric for as many pockets as you want.


Iron and ironing board or pad.


"Highlighter" pens.  Highlight instructions of each size with different color to avoid confusion in measurements


You will need a pattern, serial numbers starting with #030103________  Pattern sold as DVD & Pattern package.